All about happy farm candy day game

Posted by Logan Ellis

It is a farming game with all the players focusing on building the biggest farm by collecting various animals and growing crops on the virtual farm. This game was developed and published by the empire gaming studio. It can easily be played on different types of devices such as Android and iOS. There are so many in-game features that help in growing the good quality crop on your virtual farm. The happy farm candy day the same feeling as of being a good farmer.

Features Of This Game

There are so many features in the game such as:

1. Principal features. It is based on obtaining animals and construction of the biggest farm in the neighborhood. There are several animals that the gamer can choose. The goal is to create the farm flourish, to nourish animals and develop harvests in the farmland.

2. Social Features. It gives various connections to some social networking websites and apps such as Facebook. It is useful to send flowers to friends and families. Another characteristic enables to buy and sell fresh crop from another friend.

3. Animal mating feature. Players are able to mate two animals to multiply their quantities on the farm. The player has to look over animals’ promiscuousness.