5 Qualities You Need To Be In The Top List Of App Store Charts!

Posted by Logan Ellis

App store is a common site that serves to install a lot of applications. Making software or an application is a tough job but it is also very famous. Companies have always strived hard to make applications that sustain in the market.

Is it easy to top the charts?

We live in the world with the erratic market and also dynamic consumer behavior. Hence, it’s a challenge to bring a new thing in the technology sector that becomes a global sensation in the blink of the eyes. Reaching the app store charts is a recognized hardship.

As the SEO is for any company to market the products and services, that same way is worked out in application stores. You being an app developer want to top the charts.

So here’s the list how you could do it:


You can only top the charts when you have the maximum number of users and installation. If your app is user-friendly, be sure of getting into the list either paid or unpaid.

Regular optimization

Ensure to add features into your application to pertain to the interest of the user. This will make them install your app regularly.

Need and demand

Innovation is the key to the consumers’ heart but for that, you need to consider the need

and demands of the generation today. The more flexible your application, the more acceptance it gets.

Know the trend
Apart from considering your consumers, also look after the trend in the app store that could promote your application. Use them to your benefit.

Get good reviews

Review plays a vital role in the publicity of your application. Hence, ensure that your application is capable enough to get good reviews.

So pals, tie the ribbon to your head and get ready to make some interesting technology to reach the app store charts with the best rank.