Prequel App: The Best Photo Editor

Posted by Logan Ellis

Creating stories on social media is fun and exciting. But sometimes, people do feel the lack of filter options make it boring. With prequel app, one can create stories that would amaze and surprise the people following one’s account. The picture is of high-quality and ensures the best experience in editing and photo-shopping for the users. One can take their stories to another level by filtering them out and make them appear more appealing and thrilling. Before posting the picture, one has to make sure that the pictures have been edited well enough.

Here are some advantages of using Prequel

  • It is simple-to-use.
  • An effective app that provides best results.
  • The app has a built in advanced feature that automatically filters the pictures and videos.
  • One can trim videos and adjust the speed for short or long videos according to their preferences.
  • There are plenty of options for the effects.

Currently available on iOS, the app is free to download and it comes with 17 different filters and effects. Using this app, one can save time in editing out the pictures and videos. If one is fond of adding stories and picture on social media, Prequel is a must-have app.