Joist App: One Stop Solution

Posted by Logan Ellis

Joist App is an app for contractors. The main aim of the app is to win more clients, by quick estimates and professional reviews, preparing invoices that look professional, and send those to the clients, as well as integrating payments to and from the clients in a smooth and secure manner. The app can help one get more jobs, and manage all the customers on one platform. All these things can be managed on a simple and single platform from anywhere across the globe. Let us look at a few features of the joist application.

Features of joist app

Quick Professional Estimates using the Joist Estimating Tool which is full of features. These estimates can be shared with everyone

We can also generate professional invoices, and share them with others. The generation of these invoices is really quick. Also, each and every payment can be recorded and saved for future reference.

Easy payment integration is one of the best features of the app. Payment to the clients and from the clients can be complete in a smooth fashion in the app itself.
Because of these features, it becomes one of the best apps for contractors. It can be downloaded from Play store and App store.