App Store Optimization

Posted by Logan Ellis

How to optimize your App Store submission depends a lot on what your business is. For example, if you have a product that a specific set of users like to buy, then you will want to focus on the products and services that appeal to them first, rather than trying to focus on features that you think they’ll like that are outside of their comfort zone.

One thing that might not be on your mind is what other stores are looking for in your apps. Here’s how to optimize for one store in particular, according to the idea that you should optimize for an ideal user first. In this case, we will focus on two areas and include them both in the optimization process: setting a higher priority and submitting your app at an earlier date.

The first is setting a higher priority on the idea that what your target market is looking for. You will want to set a higher priority than that for the categories that you see as being important, and you will also want to set a higher priority for any feature that your target market will look for.

To do this, you will need to get the software that makes this simple for you to set a higher priority than your normal set of priorities. App Optimizer and the Aspect Software are two tools that will do this job well.

A way to help to optimize your app is to submit it at an earlier date. Because you are focusing on the more popular features first, it may not seem like the time to do this, but it really does work out in your favor. It means that your traffic is already coming in to view your app and give it a try, so you’ll also get some of that traffic into the review queues as well.

Not only does this help your particular type of app better fit into a user’s natural flow, but it also helps to get some good reviews going on the stores as well. This way, if the app that you are submitting is actually a good one, it will have more chances of getting noticed.

App Optimizer and Aspect Software are software tools that can help you optimize your App Store submission. They will help you out with setting a higher priority for the category that you are targeting, and they will also help you out with submitting your app at an earlier date. These tools will help to optimize your App Store submission for the best possible results.