App Store Optimization – Keeps An Eye On Your Site

Posted by Logan Ellis

App Store Optimization – Keeps An Eye On Your Site

App store optimization is an effective marketing strategy, which often goes unnoticed. Many inefficiencies were seen in the way Apple developed its App store and there were a number of internet marketers who thought they can better their business by giving their business more exposure through the creation of high quality apps. In this article, we will go through the problem with App store optimization and the methods by which an internet marketer can minimize their website traffic and get higher conversion rates for their website.

App store optimization

The reason why the Apple, Google and Amazon all have high SEO rankings in the App store optimization is because the business strategy behind these platforms is similar. The main reason is that these platforms all offer a portal to place app which are categorized by categories. Each category or subcategory is given a “fingerprint” which is used to determine its relevance to the market. Some of the categories are connected to real life categories.

There are some details which may need a little explanation before we discuss App store optimization. There are some things which may happen which may adversely affect the performance of an internet marketer. It has been seen that some business owners are oblivious to the negative effects of such content for SEO and have chosen to focus more on “copy-cat” apps. Content on a website which is not of high quality is highly likely to be indexed. The impression which it gives to the visitors is that this website is of high quality and there are quality apps on this website.

In an attempt to fight off against the negative effects of App store optimization, an internet marketer may try to create high quality content on the page. This is one of the most common mistakes which internet marketers make which usually result in a high amount of web traffic. If the content is low quality, the visitor is unlikely to trust that website which may lead to a high conversion rate for the website.

An approach to avoid the negative effectsof App store optimization would be to create a website which is focused on high quality and has high credibility. A good percentage of web traffic on Google and Apple are due to the trust factor of the visitors. The visitors may refer others to the website in the future as well. It is imperative that the website which is targeted by the marketers does not have any of the common SEO strategies. It is better to avoid using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, images or any of the common SEO techniques which may negatively affect the traffic to the website.

App store optimization is about more than just adding keywords and using css. It is about having a high quality content. The content should be relevant to the application and there should be no misinformation that might affect the way the web visitor thinks. It is best to stick to the well established content and techniques which are already known by the buyers. Using related keywords can only add to the confusion in a website’s visitors and can mislead them when they are searching the internet for the application.

A high conversion rate for the website and the overall conversion rate of the website should be checked regularly. The online store optimization strategies which an internet marketer should follow can be varied depending on the current situation of the business and the product.