All You Need To Know About App Store Rankings

Posted by Logan Ellis

Ever wonder how the apps are ranked in the app store, the people who know even a little about SEO can understand what and how the apps are ranked in the app store. As the higher ranking gives your app more traffic and exposure. There are so many factors that determine the rank of applications in the app store rankings.

Factors That Decide Your App’s Rank

The factors which help to get you app a higher ranking are:

  1. 1. Your app’s title. The app’s title if has keyword attached to it can score a 10.3 % higher ranking than the keyword less title app.
  2. 2. Your targeted keywords. The keywords which are targetted by you impact a lot on search terms.
  3. 3. quantity of downloads. Your app will rank higher in the app store if the download quantity is better than others.
  4. 4. Positive reviews. The rating you earn from your app’s user also determines the rank of your app in the play store.

What do you need to do to rank higher?

You just need to keep in mind these four factors and maintain the app according to them. It’s for sure that you will rank higher easily if your app fulfills these factors.