Video Cache App: The All-In-One Video Editor

Posted by Logan Ellis

We all love video editing and making it like movie. But for one video you have to download a full kit of apps. Some have good filters some have good audios or else but here in video cache app you will get everything which is required for a good editing.this app is free in the app store.

Features which it make it all in one

It is a good app with variety of features like it can be a good Video Editor, SlideShow Maker, Music Editor. it also can Play video in order to download them to your iDevice and a good Full featured downloader, Full featured video player , Fast Playlist Manager, Support video format: MP4,MOV it can be downloaded in Iphone and Ipad only .

People can add stickers in their video, it gives subtitles in videos and background music you can add so many videos and records in it. You just need to add simple video then add music, merge and addition of stickers then share just 4 steps and your video is ready.

This app is released in 2015 and have more than 15 languages like english, german and arabic etc, it can be ad free with an update. Make your best video with its variety of features. customize Your video in easy steps.